Google Data Studio E-commerce Audience Report

Audience report for e-commerce contains three pages:

  • Demographics
  • Technology
  • Localisation

Report Header

Report Header Screen

Every page has the same header with two filters:

  • Device category
  • Medium

additional summary data for selected filters:

  • Sessions
  • Revenue
  • Conversion
  • Average Order Value

and date range for report

Demographics (page)

This part of report helps me to understand who is visiting examined e-commerce and verify whether communication fits users. E-marketing campaigns message optimized for specific traffic source can significantly improve the effectiveness of campaign and traffic value.

Page contains information about:

  • User Type (new/returning)
  • Age
  • Gender

shown in two different ways.

All/Purchase/Non Purchase Google Analytics segments makes possible to investigate main differences between users that converts and those who don’t.

Google Data Studio Purchase Y/N differences
Google Data Studio Purchase Y/N differences

Gender and age data table is designed to help you compare metrics:

  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Revenue

Google Data Studio Audience data table

Technology (page)

This part helps me to cut IT spendings and find technical issues that depends on users technology.

Google Data Studio Audience Browser And Operating System

Supporting all combination of operating systems and browsers (it’s very long list) by your website  is extremely expensive because every change in layout needs to be tested for each combination. Here I can choose right combinations to test.

Two data tables:

  • Operation system and Browser
  • Screen Resolutions

are also first place to investigate does users behave and converts regardless technology they use. If not, it usually signal interface issues (losing money).

Google Data Studio Audience Resolutions

Localisation (page)

Last part of the report helps me to deal with geolocalisaton issues. Do we need more language versions for our customers? Should we show prices in other currencies? Do we need to change delivery options or prices?

Google Data Studio Geolocalisation Report

Two maps with different levels of detail show sessions geolocalisations and Region dimension data table show a tot of data about your audience.

Remember that e-commerce makes the world smaller and it may be very helpful in expanding your business.

See the report online

Report contains sample Google Analytics data:

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