Conversion +13,4% and Revenue +10,3% after item page optimization

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

 Another e-commerce split testing experiment based on “Top secret” Google UX Playbook made a huge change.

This time we focused our attention on item page because of long tail SEO strategy implemented for this e-commerce. Just take a look at Google Analytics Goal Flow visualization to realise how important the item page for this client.


What variations have been tested?

Because of sample size we could use only two variants to test (excluding base one). We knew that images and videos navigation was out of date so we set new one in both variants. It was quite tricky for e-commece app to serve two different image/video solution at once. We were also curious of Google UX Playbook recomendation for product page. That is why we changed the order of Item page elements acording to the recomendadions.

Experiment results

First few weeks was chaotic (we now how it works) but after half of sample size was reached we realised it works fine. Later on we was amazed by scale of impact.

New images/videos navigation increased e-commerce convesion rate by 6.0%
Change of navigation combined with Google UX recomendations increased conversion rate by 13,4% and revenue +10,3%.

ecommerce conversion rate optimization

I don’t see such a numbers very often but they make me happy for very long time.

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