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Conversion +13,4% and Revenue +10,3% after item page optimization

Another e-commerce split testing experiment based on “Top secret” Google UX Playbook made a huge change. This time we focused ...
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Free Google Data Studio report: e-commerce OS/Browser and resolution

Google Data Studio free e-commerce report with operating s​ystems, browsers and resolutions your tester should take into account. It helps ...
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E-commerce split testing. Hold your horses – sample size matters.

A/B test is a powerful and low cost tool to make your e-commerce more profitable. All you need is data… ...
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Page / Scroll depth (Google Data Studio) report

When you want to know which pages of your website are scrolled down to the bottom (engaging users) Configure Google ...
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Very low bounce rate

When your Google Analytics Bounce Rate is something about 1-5% than you may have wrong Google Analytics configuration. Before I ...
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Google Data Studio E-commerce Audience Report

Audience report for e-commerce contains three pages: Demographics Technology Localisation Report Header Every page has the same header with two ...
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